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Evaluation and Selection

Evaluating and selecting your online learning solution to ensure that it is aligned to the needs of your organisation is critical to success. All too frequently there is a mismatch between the selected solution and the broader requirements of the organisation resulting in limited uptake and impact. Partnering with clients we help select solutions that are tightly aligned to their needs through an analysis of their strategic goals and objectives and mapping of these to appropriate enabling technologies.

Let Sagan Education Services work with you to identify and articulate your key drivers for learning success, ensuring alignment with your Strategic Vision, and allowing you to establish the critical enabling systems functionality required. This will ensure that the chosen solution is measured on its specific appropriateness to meet your primary needs and priorities rather than more loosely defined requirements.

Using the output from this needs analysis, we then design a solution framework as a vehicle to evaluate and assess potential vendor solutions against to ensure maximum value and an appropriate fit to your needs. We will work with you to evaluate shortlisted vendors to make sure any chosen supplier meets your criteria in terms of company profile, pricing, quality, technology, support and delivery.

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The Implementation of a learning environment and broader solution will have an impact on many parts of your organisation and must be managed in a structured and systematic way to ensure a positive experience for all involved and ultimately success. It is essential to engage with all stakeholders both those contributing to and benefitting from the project to ensure they understand their role and are fully committed to the initiative, its objectives and delivery.

Working with Sagan's experienced implementation professionals will provide confidence and certainty that all necessary strands of your deployment are being monitored and managed, ranging from planning and scoping through to training and internal support and communications. We can either manage the entire rollout for you or alternatively complement your internal team providing specialist expertise and additional capacity where required.

Drawing on its significant experience base, Sagan Education Services can either work with you to implement a solution that we helped you select or one that you selected yourself. We also realise that some of our clients will benefit from our ability to provide a full suite of integrated learning components, which we can implement, if desired. We have a well established network of leading industry experts and suppliers that are available to us to leverage in developing an appropriate solution to provide a comprehensive learning technology ecosystem.

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Whether you are implementing a new learning system or have an existing system, encouraging adoption can be a challenge. As with many enterprise-wide systems initiatives, the deployment of a learning environment can sometimes falter or not achieve its full potential. The reasons for this can be many and varied and it can frequently be difficult to identify the root cause let alone address it.

Working with the Sagan Education Services team, will allow you to analyse and understand the factors in your deployment and organisation that may be impacting adoption. In identifying and understanding these, strategies can then be developed and implemented to address weaknesses and remove obstacles allowing you to effectively leverage your investment and maximise adoption and impact.

Achieving this can frequently be a complicated and delicate process as the factors limiting success can be deeply engrained in the organisation, its management and culture requiring recognition of these and a progressive change process to address them. As well as these issues, challenges can occur as a result of the selection of inappropriate technologies, poor change management methodologies, and limited management buy-in and support. Whatever your specific circumstances, we will work with you to develop a systematic plan to address the situation and either manage the process for you or work with your team to assist in its effective execution.

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